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A devil of a holiday – part two

As the days have passed I have been reflecting on my last post. I have two issues with it. The first is the amount of times I used the word that in the post. That is often a redundant word and can often be left out. I know there are often cases when including the that improves the flow of the sentence, however sometimes it can, and simply should, be avoided.

The second issue I have with my post concerns anyone mistakenly thinking I really believe ‘the Devil’ played a part in my holiday. I don’t. It was just very very very bad luck we had rain and wind everyday we were on the Gold Coast, and the series of strange happenings in our apartment, well they were just ‘unfortunate’.

The official tourism website markets the Gold coast with the slogan ‘Famous for fun’. Do you know what? We did have fun. On our first night M and M’s Aunty K taught them to plank on those metal and plastic fold out luggage stands you find in hotel rooms (and apartments apparently). This is then something they wanted to do all holiday. To be honest there is nothing funnier than watching a two and three year old balancing on a bizarre piece of equipment yelling ‘watch me plank mummy’.

Watching the joy spread over Uncle C’s face when he realised he suddenly had two little girls calling him ‘Uncle C’ was delightful. Until this point these two little creatures hadn’t been a big part of his life and suddenly they were there yelling at him to ‘push me on the swing Uncle C’, ‘take me on the flying fox Uncle C’ and ‘Uncle C, watch me planking’.

Aunty ‘Lene and M1’s speedy trip down the big slide at the play centre we found to tire out the girls after the third day of rain was very amusing to watch. I don’t know who had more fun. The youngest of all the aunties of my side, ‘Lene proved her aunty skills by chasing the girls through three storeys of tunnels, tubes, nets and other climbing things. Then spending the afternoon shopping with ‘Lene and simply enjoying some sister time – priceless (not so priceless actually with the shopping I did).

The tickets Brad gave us to the David Fleay Wildlife Park provided us with an unpredicted adventure. Who would have expected we would see platypus, gliders and snakes, let alone some estuarine crocodiles basking under an overcast sky?

The historic carousel which features in the heart of Broadbeach is a must for anyone with a Mary Poppins filled childhood. For some reason, despite its presence in such built environment surrounds, for me it conjures images of magic and hope. To be able to take M1 and M2 for a ride on it was a beautiful moment. The same night I also took them on a less magical but equally enjoyable adventure on a ‘special train over the roads and water’ (sounds nicer than saying the monorail which takes people over to a casino so they can gamble away their money) You can imagine their excitement when the driver yelled (only for their benefit) ‘all aboard’ and ‘toot toot’.

To be completely honest, all of those Devil’s elves, nymphs, slaves and other Satan related creatures we came across were all very friendly, helpful (whenever they could be) and quite lovely, particularly the young man who came up to try to stop the phone from ringing. M1 and M2 took quite a shine to him (well he was in our apartment for a while so he did feel like a part of the family). The indoor swimming pool was warm enough to have a splash and M1 got to try out her new floaties and swam up a storm (or in a storm).

Our drive back to Sydney, was to include a night in Ballina – it did, and it was fabulous. We were also meant to spend two relaxing days in Port Macquarie – we didn’t because devastating rain caused intense flooding and parts of the highway, not to mention people’s livelihoods, were washed away.

However, the closed highway meant we headed back to Armidale and again enjoyed the company of people we love in a breathtakingly beautiful place. M1 and M2 got to play in a well-equipped park in Scone making them relaxed for the trip home. I got to write the word Scone in my blog and it has nothing to do with little white bread like treats best eaten with jam and cream (except now I have mentioned they are yummy bread like treats…).

As it turned out, we really had a ‘devilishly’ good time.

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  1. You have such gorgeous girls! I miss them.


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